What to Do When Your Customer Wants to Cancel

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What to Do When Your Customer Wants to Cancel

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In recent years the subscription service model has been growing more and more and you are certainly a customer of one or more of them. Internet, pay tv, netflix, software to optimize your work, various tools: these are some examples of subscriptions you make and pay for every month. But there is a detail that worries teams that work with this service model, especially when we talk about saas (software as a service): cancellation. Also called churn, churn is extremely detrimental to a company's goals and monthly recurring revenue (mrr). To check if your churn is high is simple. Just divide the number of customers who canceled by the total number of customers in your base.

If you work with subscription services and suffer from cancellation fees, today we brought you 3 tips to get around the situation when your customer wants to cancel. Check out! 1. Understand the reason very well a company that hears the customer's desire for a cancellation and doesn't care to understand why is making a big mistake and that can generate Whatsapp phone number list a snowball of cancellations. If you don't evaluate what happened for your customer to want to cancel, then you won't be able to improve and prevent new cancellations from happening. So, in a cancellation request, the first point is to question the reasons that led to this, precisely to be able to devise strategies to resolve the situation.


You don't have to fill your customer with questions, but having a natural conversation is the best way to get those answers. Don't forget to write this down inside your crm. Having the right tool to track the entire history of the customer in your company is essential! 2. Make an offer it's not all about price, but when it is, consider making an offer to retain that customer you want to cancel. You should do your best at this stage so that the customer doesn't go all the way with the cancellation request. This means that you should offer free periods, discounts and special conditions whenever it is within your range of possibilities.