Another Statistic That Indicates the Phone Number List Advantage

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Another Statistic That Indicates the Phone Number List Advantage

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Over other channels with a much lower rate of interaction. 3.3 It is a channel that is not very saturated: 61% of companies do not use it If your competition is not using it, it is a good way to differentiate yourself from them. If you use it, you won't want to phone number list left behind. 3.4 85% of consumers prefer to receive an SMS before an email or a phone call for commercial reasons The fact that it has lost much of its communicative use means that it is a channel that users phone number list practically abandoned as a recipient of announcements, promotions and notifications without interrupting other channels that they use for other things, such as social networks. 3.5

The use of SMS for marketing in b2b and b2c businesses increased by 197% in the last two years As we have indicated before, despite being a veteran technology, its use is once again a trend. 3.6 The average response time to an SMS is 90 seconds from receipt The time that phone number list from the time the user receives a message until they interact with it is phone number list in terms of effectiveness, engagement and conversion. In this sense, text messages are one of the channels that achieve an interaction in the shortest time.Nobody wants to wake up with a promotional SMS! In addition, at phone number list we take care of carrying out an analysis of the best time in which you can send your SMS campaigns appropriately.


Send a test SMS: Check your spelling and test the message by sending it to your mobile or that of your colleagues. This will ensure that the SMS looks the way you want. If there is an error, a third person can help you detect it. To learn more about how to be phone number list in SMS marketing, do not hesitate to contact us and our team of experts will advise you. These phone number list have made text messages a channel that still has a lot to say today in terms of marketing, although it has long since abandoned the function of communicating individual users with each other.