Social Selling: Forget Commercial Phone Number List

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Social Selling: Forget Commercial Phone Number List

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By Ester Ribas social-selling Are your commercial messages no longer as effective as before? Does no one answer you anymore? Do you think your phone number list contacts have lost interest in you? This is because every day, they receive about 100 messages like yours, from other commercials selling their products and services, causing them to become saturated and stop reading and answering this type of commercial messages. Do you want to stand out? Do you want your messages to be answered? That your potential customers are interested in your brand phone number list your products/services? Then you should bet on Social Selling . bold-marketer-kit Social Selling: The key for your messages to arrive What really is Social Selling? It is a sales technique that is carried out through social networks, usually from LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence.

By using your personal brand, positioning phone number list as an expert or specialist in a specific sector or topic, generate confidence in your contacts and interact with them. A way to generate visibility for your brand, but from a personal profile, showing that there is a person behind it and not a robot. What is Social Selling and why should you put it into practice? The reason is clear, because you want to increase your sales and visibility of your brand . But for phone number list this, it is important that you know the needs and interests of your Internet users. A complicated task if you cannot phone number list see them nor have you ever spoken with them. In short, if you don't know them at all. But that's what social media is for. Thanks to these, you will be able to know more about users than you imagine.


You will know what sector they work in, what they work in, what their position is, what they are looking for, with whom and how they interact, etc. How to phone number list doing Social Selling? First essential point. Plan a strategy that takes into account the following points: What goal or goals do you have, who are you targeting and what resources will you use to achieve it? One of the objectives is clear, to sell more, but how are you going to achieve it? It is as a phone number list of this question that the rest of the objectives and resources that you have come into play (ebooks, brochures, landing pages, guides, videos, infographics...) to reach the person you are interested in.